Sunday, March 09, 2008

CeBIT and sun in Hannover

Yep, we had a safe landing in Hamburg :-)
From Hamburg we drove on to Hannover where we had an interesting time at the CeBIT, which is the world's largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions. The fair ground is huge, lots to see!

I was one day at the CeBIT. At the booth of a Digital photography company I had the chance to get a picture of me taken and got a large print of it, as well as the digital image. This company works for the Messe AG and collected "Faces of the Cebit". Really nice and free :-) Okay, in return I had to sign that the Messe AG can use the image for advertising, if they wish. But oh well, that is fine for me...

The next day I met up with my father and sister as they live in Hannover. John continued to explore new technologies at the CeBIT.

I had had a wonderful sunny day with
my father and my sisterat the small lake "Maschsee" in the center of Hannover.

We were enjoying the sun in beach chairs. Perfect to recover from one day at the CeBIT.