Monday, June 20, 2005

Following King Ludwig II traces...

Bavaria once used to be a kingdom. One of their kings was Ludwig II, the "Märchenkönig". And all of his castles are not far away from us: Neuschwanstein, Linderhof, and Herrenchiemsee. We have been to all of them.

He is known by many nicknames: the Swan King, the Mad King of Bavaria, the Dream King, and Mad Ludwig. Was “Mad King Ludwig” mad? This is only one of many mysteries that surround the former Bavarian regent to this day. Ludwig II (Ludwig Friedrich Wilhelm) has become one of the most legendary figures in Bavarian and German history, a history full of legendary figures.

He managed to finish only one of them: Linderhof. John and I were there this weekennd. Like all of his castles quite impressive! Especially the artifical grotto near the castle, that was build by Ludwig as his personal opera house, but never used. The Swan boat on the picture shows one kitsch element of it.