Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Walk along the thames

John and I walked along the Thames from Tower Bridge to the Parliament. A very nice walk!
And there was some excitement at the Tower Bridge as they were shooting a movie there. The Bridge was opened only for it, smoke produced, cardboard tanks moved and police boats were speeding and stopped behind the bridge when they had all the needed footage. Was fun to watch!

Summer in London

How beautiful ... summer is here: blue sky, sun, warm temperatures at the end of April!

We visited Sophie, John and Sacha on Sunday and walked through the lovely Windsor. Birgit, a friend from Munich, was also there for a visit.

Sacha, 8 months old, was again the sweetest boy :-) John enjoys taking care of him.

Windsor is very close to Heathrow Airport, the planes fly right above the Queens' weekend castle.