Friday, August 29, 2008

Wheaton Arts Glass Blowing

Another highlight: we made our own bowls and paperweights at Wheaton Arts.
They have a great program where you can do you own glass-work under the tutelage of an expert glass artisan. So
we made a day trip from Connecticut to Southern Jersey.
The picture below shows John working on his paperweight while it is still
molten glass and very hot
. He wears an arm protection to be safe. He brings it into the shape he wants.

On this picture he is looking proud at the finished paperweight, but still very hot. The cooling process takes 24hrs in a special oven.

And here is the final paperweight. Yes, is blue, not red or white. That was amazing!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

NYC .... a great start of our vacation

We landed at JFK airport and stayed with friends in Connecticut. From there we headed to New York City for a day and visited some of our favorite places. We were at the M&Ms World. Always fun! On the piscture below John is walking towards it. They have big advrtisement as you can see. And of course, we also just had to go to our favorite Chinese restaurant. Delicious!

On one shopping window there was a big billboard counting Bush's last day as the elections are coming up. I wonder which candidate they are supporting :-)

2500miles or 3700km... our East Coast Vacation

John and I spent two weeks in the US. We drove along the East Coast and met up with many friends and did and saw lots of exciting things.
it was a great trip. I took 512 pictures. You will fine some in my blog very soon :-) Here's the map with the major stops flagged.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fantastic weekend at Land's End

John and I had a breathtaking weekend at Land's End, Cornwall! Situated on the westerly point of Britain, it is surrounded by spectatcular views of the Atlantic Ocean. New York is just 3147 miles away :-)
It is named "Pen Sans" in the ancient Cornish language, meaning "Holy Headland"
Penzance enjoys the most temperate climate of the British Isles while early spring flowers, vegetables and other produce demonstrate the mild weather conditions experienced here. I was amazed about the numerous sub-tropical flowers and palm trees.

The last Inn in England can only be found here! The Atlantic Ocean being next.....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Last weekend John and I were in Edinburgh to see the Military Tattoo. It was amazing and we had luck with the weather. Though it was grey, it did not rain. And that is what Scotland is known for.

The picture below shows the Tattoo celebrating the celebrating 100th birthday of the Territorial Army. The Edinburgh Castle is in the background.

We were also at the Bank of Scotland. John is embracing one million pounds :-) Too bad that we didn't get a sample...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Red Bull Air Race London 2008

On Sunday, John and I had an amazing day at the Reb Bull Air Race. We were sitting next to the 02 dome. The planes were flying by us with up to 370kmh, impossible for me to get a good picture with my "point-and-shoot" camera.
But have a look at John's Blog. He took amazing pictures and posted a very good description of the event! He has the right camera to take those amazing pictures, very professional.

Click here to get to John's Blog!

And have a look at the videos to get more impressions ;-)
Click here to get an overview of the race track by somebody who raced humself at the Red Bull Air Race London 2007:

Video Track Introduction

And here is a video of the race:

Above the videos is
our view we had. Big screens in front of us. Below is a picture of a Blue Eagle demonastartion before the race. Those amazing helictopters can do amazing things, like flying vertical (as shown on the picture) or upside down.